Hey, I'm Kris Alcordo

Mabuhay! I am Kris Alcordo, and I'm in Los Angeles. I migrated from the Philippines to America in March 2015. As a recent immigrant, I have a lot to prove and am ready to prove myself!

Career Overview

  • '09: Graduated with a BSN-RN from Liceo de Cagayan University in the Philippines, and passed the Philippine RN licensure exam.

  • '10: Worked as a nurse for six months and didn't like it. Quit.

  • '10: Hired as QA Associate at start-up TakeTake.com. CEO realized I was good at marketing; title changed to Community Ambassador. Got the most conversions (beta sign-ups) even as the newest member of our team, helped in improving customer acquisition strategy.

  • '11: Hired as Internet Marketing Manager at TabithaNaylor.com. I was tasked to manage a remote team of 12, created business processes and participated in creating strategies for clients.

  • '12: Offered jobs as Social Media Manager at Kybotech. Grew Garden Buildings Direct Facebook page from 0 to 10,000+ fans with 0 budget. Created successful social media customer support team and process that got rolled out to rest of company.

  • '14: Started Internet Marketing Company. Notable clients, Kaufmann & Harris, John David Olsen, Sim Racers Asia.

  • '15: Moved to America (yay!) Got hired by The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division. Grew direct marketing revenue 4% over previous year.

  • '16: Offered a job by The Salvation Army Southern California Division. Through some clever web design and testing, I was able to generate a new revenue stream of $50k in first year.

    During my time at TSA SoCal, our web traffic grew 10% YoY. My management of our email marketing saw an increase in email revenue through efforts to improve open rates, click through rates and inbox placement.

  • '17: Started an eCommerce company on the side. Created a remote team in the Philippines to handle business processes. $150k of sales in the first year.

What's next for me? Start a family, buy a house, settle down or work with an amazing team. Contact me today.